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Providing complete data and drive protection solutions.

SmartShield®, in conjunction with the SmartControl Resource Manager server software, enables network administrators to easily maintain their workstation integrity and keep their network under control. With SmartShield® protection enabled, all changes made to a machine are removed upon system restart - making unwanted system changes an impossibility.

What does it mean when my system is protected by SmartShield®?

SmartShield® write-protects the hard drive and records all changes to a temporary storage area. The design of the application manages the computer to behave as if all changes are permanent providing a full user experience. However, upon reboot, all changes (actually written to that temporary storage space) are wiped free from the computer instantly restoring your system to its original configuration.

This allows an administrator to set up a system to their desired configuration and not have to worry about a user altering a single system setting. Whether a user downloads viruses, adware, spyware, malicious scripts, changes local settings, deletes files, moves folders, etc. With a simple reboot, the protected machine goes back to its predefined configuration. Instant Restore technology is the nucleus of SmartShield®'s powerful features that benefits both the administrator and the user.

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