Keep an eye on your students without leaving your desk

For some teachers, keeping students from the distractions of our wired world such as instant messaging, recreational web surfing and gaming can become a full time job. ScreenView gives teachers the tools they need to keep their students focused and productive.


View a group of clients or enlarge to view one client with as little as a one second delay.


Arrange and view student screens in real-time from the ScreenView Teacher Station. Custom thumbnail arrangement allows teachers to organize their screens to match classroom layout.


Initiate chat sessions with individual students or groups of students. Start applications and websites to guide the user through course work or training.


Control keyboard/mouse blocking with custom messages, block specific USB devices from accessing the workstation (i.e. allow USB storage drives but block mp3 players), manage power with shutdown, restart or Wake-On-Lan.


Easy to use workstation thumbnails let teachers see what their students are seeing at a glance

Customizable screen view window lets teachers organize their screens to match their classroom layout

Run programs on student machines from the ScreenView Teacher Station