SmartShield® endpoint protection creates a virtual space where all unwanted changes are wiped away upon reboot, freeing the user to perform daily tasks without compromising the integrity of the system. Whether managing lab computers in a school, library, corporate or government environment, SmartShield® will provide the ultimate control over user workstations.

SmartShield®’s unique protection system provides full immunity from Zero Day Attacks. As long as systems are protected by SmartShield® and they become compromised by any type of Malware, user error, malicious attack, or any unwanted behavior, simply reboot and the threat disappears. SmartShield® clears the computer every time - eliminating the need to reimage or incur costly consultant fees. The time and money normally associated with computer clean-ups will be a thing of the past.


Hard Drive Protection

Absolute protection of the hard drive


Drastically reduce maintenance by 90%

Prevent all viruses, malicious user intent and accidental user error from permanently affecting a computer

Maximize computer life by eliminating unwanted data and disk fragmentation

Ensure information such as logins and passwords, test answers, unwanted drivers and applications, etc…are erased from the machine after each session

OS Updates

Automate OS updates locally or from the SmartControl Resource Manager

USB and Firewire Blocking

Select up to 18 different classes of USB devices to block

Prevent unwanted data transfer from external devices

Prohibit users from saving proprietary network information to external storage devices

Password Permissions

Create multiple passwords with varying levels of permissions, as well as time based and use based restrictions

Persistent Storage

Save your work between reboots with persistent storage